2021 Graduating Junior Draft

2023 WLA Graduating Junior Player Draft

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 – 7pm (PST)

Draft Rules

  1. Each team will have up to three minutes to make a selection in rounds 1 - 3; two minutes in round 4+.
  2. A team may request one three-minute time-out in rounds 1 - 3, and one two-minute time-out in rounds 4+.
  3. After each round is completed, there will be a five-minute break.
  4. Any team that drafts an ineligible player will lose that selection in the draft.
  5. Once a team has passed, they may not draft another player.
  6. If all teams pass, or after six rounds, the draft will end.

Territorial Protection Rules

  1. This will be the fourth year with territorial protection. Territorial protection rules have changed this year.
  2. To be eligible for protection by a team, a player must have played for a club's associated Junior A team, or graduated from an assigned minor lacrosse territory.
  3. Teams may protect up to two players. If they do not protect any players, they will receive compensatory picks following the first and second rounds of the draft. If they only protect one player, they will receive a compensatory pick following the second round of the draft.
  4. Territorial protection rights and compensatory picks are not tradeable assets.
  5. The currently assigned protection territories are:
    • Burnaby: played for Burnaby Junior A Lakers
    • Coquitlam: played for Coquitlam Junior A Adanacs
    • Langley: played for Langley Junior A Thunder
    • Maple Ridge: graduated from Ridge Meadows Minor Lacrosse (takes precendent over Junior A affiliation)
    • Nanaimo: played for Nanaimo Junior A Timbermen
    • New Westminster: played for New Westminster Junior A Salmonbellies
    • Victoria: played for Victoria Junior A Shamrocks

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Protected Players

Team Player
BurnabyBurnaby Protected Matteo Tack
BurnabyBurnaby Protected Nic Dos Santos
CoquitlamCoquitlam Protected Adam Noakes
CoquitlamCoquitlam Protected Nick Musso
LangleyLangley Protected Matt Abbott
LangleyLangley Protected Kyle Brunsch
Maple RidgeMaple Ridge Protected Drew Andre
Maple RidgeMaple Ridge Protected Isaac Ngyou
NanaimoNanaimo Protected Justin Geddie
NanaimoNanaimo Protected Ryan Sheridan
New WestminsterNew Westminster Protected Noah Armitage
New WestminsterNew Westminster Protected Ben Stewart
VictoriaVictoria Protected Patrick Dodds
VictoriaVictoria Protected Casey Wilson

First Round

# Team Player
1 BurnabyBurnaby Jacob Dunbar
2 VictoriaVictoria Arthur Miller
3 NanaimoNanaimo Evan Soucey
4 VictoriaVictoria Denton MacDonald
5 NanaimoNanaimo Griffin Hall
6 Maple RidgeMaple Ridge Kaden Doughty
7 LangleyLangley Nikal Dhandawar